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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club | Melbourne Food & Drinks Provided 



BOAA Member Launch Night

Please join us for the official launch of this exciting new organisation. 

We invite you to come and learn more about what BOAA is and what it can do for you as a business owner.

DETAILS OF THE EVENT: 22 October 2019 6pm for 6.30pm start to 8pm Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong Food and drink provided Cost: Free  

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Don't miss the opportunity to become a member of this exclusive business owner only association.


Like-minded Business Owners

This is an invitation exclusively for business owners – so if you are not a business owner don’t bother reading on because you cannot get involved.  

We are establishing a private business owners’ association - which will focus on supporting and educating business owners to achieve personal freedom, choice and multigenerational wealth. We aim to inspire each owner to reconnect with their core purpose - and become visionary business leaders.  

We understand that being a business owner can be lonely. We also understand that it can also be stressful, tiring & overwhelming; the list could go on. It is easy to ask from time to time why am I doing this? - or there must be an easier way!

This is one of the core reasons why we are launching the Business Owners Association of Australia (BOAA).

Our Vision for business owners is

"To inspire and assist you to reconnect with your purpose for being in business and to create a pathway of solutions - to freedom, choice, wealth and the lifestyle you deserve to live."

About the Founder & CEO of BOAA

Warren Otter

Warren Otter is the founder of Business Owners Association of Australia.

Warren has been directly involved in privately owned and operated businesses all his life and has developed over years of practical experience, a set of tools and a specific perspective to assist and guide business owners to have a much better business and lifestyle of abundance.

Warren has the experience as a successful and award winning business owner, who grew his initial family business from $4.5m to $25m profitably in the mid 2000’s (in the manufacturing sector). 

He is passionate about the Private Business sector and believes it needs its own group to assist each other collectively and to be a voice of leadership in this country. 

Warren is also the author of “Crank It UP the proven way to grow your business to greater wealth.”  

Exclusively for Business Owners Only

It should be noted that this is a private business organisation. It is squarely aimed at Private Business Owners of all sizes and as you would have read above it is about you and supporting you as the owner.  

The Key Offerings to Business Owners who join. There will be: 

  • Education and Training programs which will be focused on how to have your business work for you - and how to get life balance - whilst creating wealth and happiness.
  • Structured and regular Networking opportunities (e.g. breakfasts, drink nights- with guest speakers)
  • Business Owner discussion groups
  • Next Generation discussion groups
  • Regular updates and communication on key topics
  • Access to subject matter specialists
  • Lifestyle group activities with other business owners & MORE.

We have a 12 month calendar of activities and functions for you to lean into.  

This Association needs Leadership and it will only work with your involvement.

This country needs strong Leadership and as a Business Owner you need support - this is why we need to get together NOW.

Our Vision for BOAA is

"To bring together Business Owners from across Australia to collectively be the most influential private business organisation in the country – We aim to be a strong voice to government.  

Private business owners are largely ignore in Australia by government and that is because they are not organised as a collective voice.  

And as a collective group demonstrate our Leadership to improve Australia’s quality of life, with a key focus on developing and supporting the next generation."

Our Philosophy

As a business owner you are part of a special group. You are the different ones, the risk takers, the entrepreneurs that carry this country.

You employ staff which in turn supports a number of families – you have your own community that you lead, fund and give meaningful employment to, which allows their children to be raised with a strong work ethic and sense of security.

As a group, private business owners collect and pay more than their fair share of taxes for the country and state – taxes which stay in this country. Company Tax, PAYG, GST, FBT, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, Fuel Tax, MV taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Council Rates - the list goes on. You spend your time and money collecting tax for the government.  

You already do a lot, but who is supporting and assisting you ? You don’t get the credit or rewards you deserve. Collectively we aim to change this.

We AIM to inspire business owners to create a personal and business vision which is larger than what they currently have for themselves. As well, we aim to collectively become a strong and significant voice of leadership to shape and improve the quality and security of Australian lives now and for future generations.

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6pm for 6.30pm start - 8pm Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong